San Diego Weather

After the Weather Channel reported on the terrible weather conditions across the nation in the Winter of 2010/2011 they turn to a computerized voice that reports the current conditions in our area: “A High Surf advisory has been issued and it is currently 65 degrees under a clear sky.”

There is a joke about Southern California weather that I have reintroduced and made into a quick comic: The easiest job in the world is to be a weatherman in San Diego California.  You have a news anchor and a weather reporter at any time of the year that have the quickest discussion on the air as the news caster asks, “And now weather man Bill.  What’s the weather like here in San Diego, Bill?”

Weatherman Bill responds, “…fine.  Back to you.”

Last time I was in Oklahoma, it was in October and it rained… a lot.  It rained to the point that I just stood in the front door looked, mouth agape, up at the rain as though it was alien in nature.  Rain in San Diego means a sprinkling in the mourning for about ten minutes and that is it.  It rained in Oklahoma to the point that one evening at my Grandparents home that I was worried about the trashcans that were just rolled out into the street.  On the local Oklahoma news, a flood warning was in affect around their area and my Grandfather just calmly sat in his chair reading his newspaper.  I asked about the trashcans, as the street was now a low tide river.  My Grandfather just smiled and said that if the trashcans did float away, someone else’s trashcans that would wash and replace them.