The Sleeping Tractor

As told by Erle W. Adams (December, 2009)

twincity2While working on his Aunt and Uncle’s farm (possibly Alva Adams), young Erle Adams was asked to work the night shift at his aunt’s farms.  The uncle did the daily shift of plowing the fields and he left the night plowing to hired hands.  During the depression and the rural area that Erle Adams grew up in, jobs were scarce and you did help the family when you could.  It has been suggested that the seasonal and daily clock of the rooster ran farm life did not always agree with Erle as he intimated in a statement from his aunt.

The task at hand for pulling the plow with the tractor was an easy enough job, just time consuming.  You lined you tractor wheel up in the tread of your previous route and drove in a circle outward until the field was plowed.  Lights were placed on the roof of the tractor so one could see ahead as well as turn the lights to look about as you drove.

The work of his day job at his father’s Adams General Store as well as schoolwork took its toll on Erle W. as he dozed off in front of the wheel.

imagesWhen Erle awoke the following mourning, he suddenly realized his mistake and looked behind him at the field.  A zigzag path had been plowed through the field that would of made any alien crop circle creators jealous.  As fast as he could, Erle plowed away at the field in a not so careful design or path to cover his tracks of his sleeping tractor.