Showing in September and the State of my Mind

femme_dormir_IMG_2320-thumbAs of the state of my art and mind, the month of August has been engulfed in the Friday Nights Art Walk at the local Winery in which I shall be doing an art show and sell.  A meet and greet if you will.  This has been an all-consuming act in that I have not done one of these before and have had to start from scratch as I have done with the website.

However, I have learned a great deal in the past month by visiting other art exhibits and shows in places like La Jolla, where the average price of an original or print (Giclée) was from $300 to $6,000.  This was a shock do to the fact that you can now buy a car for the same amount.  As I stood among the works of a well known wild life photographer, I could not help but notice that among the easy listening nature music and the clean cut corners of the well established store, it had occurred to me that I could do roughly the same artwork of some the acrylics that sell for about $500 for about $50.  Time would be the only factor in that I seem to have none these days.  The life sized oil of Yule Brenner made me chuckle, if not for the novelty of the King and I but for the sequined toed shoes.  The giant paintings of Tina Turner, Janis Joplin and Johnny Cash giving the Jersey bird caught my eye but there again, the space to such an artwork made me pause in respect.

robert_pattison_never-thumbGathering the components for show has been tasking in that I have had to come up with smaller parts to connect and create a working show from larger parts that I had come across in a second hand store.  Recycling in a sense the abandoned attempts of a former artist to resurrect my future.  The showing that I went to on the previous first Friday was a surveying mission and I took note of how much money was asked as well what was offered.  I feel confident in that I am singular in my media and subject matter.  The basis of most of the artists there were of landscapes, still life and local post card artwork that might clash with my Robert Pattinson’s, Billie Joe Armstrong’s, I Love Lucy’s, Kurt Cuban’s and all be it peaceful portraits of rebellious youth.

The hope will be of that a younger crowd will come and will like the subject matter of the current pop culture as well as the older crowd will like the artwork for its calm and humorous feel.

devon_sawa_portrait-side-IIMG_2334-thumbIn hope that many will want to spend little for something nice for them selves or a familiar, I shall try to put out Halloween cards, Christmas Cards, limited addition small priced prints of current pop favorites as well as a few larger priced ($100-$200) originals.  The simple concept of placing a print or original in a nice frame and or matt has taken me back, so such that it has created a more respectful additude for the framing industry.  I am a child of hippies and funky is just fine by me however the more affluent sector of humanity has caught me off guard.

More and more I have heard the response from a current showing that I should have this and that and I can not help but say yes, however it is not in my immediate means nor do to the economy of the world,  the rest of the world is willing or able to spend cash on something like art when they need to pay for the roof over their head.

It has been an enjoyable experience venturing down this new road forward and I can only hope to come out even in the end and make a few people smile.