Getting Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed (Now In Technicolor)


getting-up-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-bed(tm)-thumbGetting Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed (Now In Technicolor)

Color Pencil on Strathmore Paper Cut 14 x 11



After a long night sleep, you groan and rub your eyes and wonder what you could of done the night before to leave you in such pain that morning. You slide one foot, then a leg followed by another leg out and off the side of you bed in an attempt to slide or pivot yourself out from the warmth and comfort of your bed and into the real world. Finally giving into the reality of life, you lift your heavy head, roll it on the popping and cracks of your neck and with one last sigh, you put your feet down and lift your body up on your hands only open your eyes to see all too late that you are on an edge of a deep canyon.


Allsea Surfer Dream


surfer-dream(tm)-thumb“Allsea Surfer Dream”

Color Pencil on Strathmore cut 11’ x 14”

May 2014


As he stands wearing his board shorts, his surfboard resting on his head, the surfer looks out at the ocean and dreams of the tall waves that that deserve to be ridden, the sea air in his face as he is splattered by a ocean mist. With the Allsea bridge behind him, Waldport at his back, the surfer looks at the ocean and dreams of waves large enough to actually ride.

– T.B.




Color Pencil on Strathmore Paper cut 11”x14”

April 2014


As he listens to his girlfriend as she discusses and explains her day about the argument she had with one of her friends and how unfair and it seemed how her friend’s boyfriend had not listened to her, he looks passed her at the car pulling up beside them and says: “Uh-huh…”

– T.B.

“Where there is a Will there is a Way”

"Where there is a Will there is a Way"

"Where there is a Will there is a Way"

After the death of his mother, Princess Diana, I could not help but sense how much rage could have been in the young prince William.   Over the years, William has grown into a man that like his mother is willing to help everyone he can.   The expression on his face, as he listens intensely at someone at what I can only guess as a polo match, is one of those edges of anger and passion that I foresaw in his youth.

There is a bond between he and his younger brother Harry that is one that comes from a loss of a parent where the idea of family shifts to looking out for one another.   The brothers are friends that a serious presence when entering a room.   Seriously, one interviewer mentioned that just the shear height of the two boys is enough to make one take a step back not to mention that they are the second and third in line for the crown of Englan

Fire and Honor

"Fire and Honor"

"Fire and Honor"

As Henry Charles Albert David stood by his brother William at Wembley Stadium July 1, 2007, held by the brothers as a tribute to the 46 th anniversery of their mother Diana Princess of Whales birth, he spoke of his mother and a shout out to his brothers in arms fighting in Iraq.   The young prince has hada history of rebellious behavior and the only thing that has kept the firery red head in check is his undying loyalty to the military.

Originally not given permission to leave for a tour in Iraq with his company due to his status as the third in line for the crown of England would create concerns that included Harry being a high-value target (as several threats by various groups have already been made against him) and the dangers the soldiers around him would face should any attempt be made on the Prince’s life or capture. Clarence House made public the Prince’s disappointment with the decision, though he said he would abide by it. He felt that he would put his comrads in danger however he felt he was not living up to his responsibilities as a military man by staying behind.