Getting Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed (Now In Technicolor)


getting-up-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-bed(tm)-thumbGetting Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed (Now In Technicolor)

Color Pencil on Strathmore Paper Cut 14 x 11



After a long night sleep, you groan and rub your eyes and wonder what you could of done the night before to leave you in such pain that morning. You slide one foot, then a leg followed by another leg out and off the side of you bed in an attempt to slide or pivot yourself out from the warmth and comfort of your bed and into the real world. Finally giving into the reality of life, you lift your heavy head, roll it on the popping and cracks of your neck and with one last sigh, you put your feet down and lift your body up on your hands only open your eyes to see all too late that you are on an edge of a deep canyon.


Allsea Surfer Dream


surfer-dream(tm)-thumb“Allsea Surfer Dream”

Color Pencil on Strathmore cut 11’ x 14”

May 2014


As he stands wearing his board shorts, his surfboard resting on his head, the surfer looks out at the ocean and dreams of the tall waves that that deserve to be ridden, the sea air in his face as he is splattered by a ocean mist. With the Allsea bridge behind him, Waldport at his back, the surfer looks at the ocean and dreams of waves large enough to actually ride.

– T.B.




Color Pencil on Strathmore Paper cut 11”x14”

April 2014


As he listens to his girlfriend as she discusses and explains her day about the argument she had with one of her friends and how unfair and it seemed how her friend’s boyfriend had not listened to her, he looks passed her at the car pulling up beside them and says: “Uh-huh…”

– T.B.

The Day Erle W. met M.M…..

The Day Erle Met Mary Margaret… Digital Painting February 2014The story of my grandparents meeting:

My tribute for the moment that they met

My tribute for the moment that they met

On a sunny day in the 1930’s, in Lemont Oklahoma, the downtown was the very embodiment of a vibrant small farming town.  The Adams General Store was on the main street through the town and its owner, Robert Erle Adams, was inside tending to his family namesake’s business and asked his son, Erle W. to sweep the sidewalk outside  Stepping out into the sun, Erle did his job as two young ladies happened to walk by, one of who paid little attention to the young man but the other did.  The sisters, Nell and Mary Margaret Santee were spending the day in the town when they passed the general store when the older sister, Nell, turned back over her shoulder and said to her younger sister, Mary Margaret, that there was a handsome man behind them.         Out of chance, Mary Margaret turned back and saw the man that would be her husband of over sixty-five years.


Vampires and Viagra

Robert Pattinson: Never Think

Robert Pattinson’s Unruly Hair was given its name due to the fact that Pattinson, in real life, did seem at the time I rendered this portrait, to have hair that looked like he took a shower, shook his head dry and sprayed it with hair spray and was was done. All that being said, it was a good look for him. Starting the piece with the idea that since I enjoyed drawing hair so much that I would really would like to do a Pattinson portrait, only to find myself doubting my artistic merit as well as cursing Pattinson’s jungle of hair and highlights as I got lost from time to time.

To me Robert Pattinson will forever be Cedric from the fourth Harry Potter

Robert Pattinson's Unruly Hair

film and will always make me wonder who broke his nose.   The Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire film was Pattinson’s first big production film and launched his acting career on the screen.   Back in 2005, in my favorite bookstore / slash coffee shop; I sat with a friend looking through books we could not afford and magazines on upcoming fantasy films.   Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire film was to be released and I had not finished the novel yet and was curious about who would be playing the additional characters.   It was pointed out to me that Pattinson was to play Cedric Diggory.   In the novel, author J.K. Rowling did describe Diggory as a handsome fellow with a straght nose so I could see Pattinson being a good choice for the role.

"Nosferatu" Shadow 1922

Since the Goblet of Fire film, Pattinson has had a phenomenal rise to stardom on the screen with Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series playing a teenage vampire and in the process has become a sex symbol around the world.   The same phenomenon did happen back in 1994 with the screen adoption of Ann Rice’s Interview the Vampire that exploded Brad Pitt into a sex symbol and a film star.   With age, I have been cynical of a vampire being sexy as the original depiction of a vampire in Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897) was described as being of the living dead.   Just think about that for a second, a walking corpse with long nails and what I would assume to be bad breath.   Stroker wrote the character as a scary villain that transfixed his female victims with hypnotism and charm.   In Nosferatu (1922), a German production had the main character (who’s name was changed via the request of Stoker’s widow) was bald, long fingered and had a general freaky demeanor about him .


Dracula 1931 poster

It was not until Bela Lugosi portrayal of the Count in 1931 that people started to see vampires as attractive or sexy in any way.  The idea of a tragic lonely, intelligent and charming character seems to be an allure as well the idea that these creatures of the night must feed on the hot blood of the living to stay alive.   That connection of the cold nightwalker pressing his teeth into the warm passionate victim’s skin is a base for many fantasy, romance and horror readers.   Also the fact that the vampire must woo the victims, having great talent in sucking the life out of someone, and into necking as it were is not a bad thing.

Aside from the eternal youth of being a Vampire, the supernatural powers that could make a date a night to remember and the necking I have one small flaw of the Vampire that seems to be over looked: he’s dead and Viagra will not help that situation.

Elijah Wood to return as Frodo in “Hobbit”


Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins: A hobbit and favorite relative of Bilbo Baggins. On 6 January 2011, Deadline reported that Wood was in talks to reprise his role of Frodo Baggins in the two parts. He was confirmed as joining the cast on 7 January 2011 by As Frodo hadn’t been born during the events of The Hobbit, the inclusion of Frodo indicated that parts of the story would take place shortly before or during the events of The Lord of the Rings. According to, “As readers of ‘The Hobbit’ know, the tale of ‘The Downfall of The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit or There and Back Again,’ are contained in the fictional ‘Red Book of Westmarch.’ In Peter Jackson’s LOTR films, the book is shown on screen and written in by Bilbo and Frodo and handed off to Samwise Gamgee….The fictional book, and either the telling from it or the reading of it, will establish Frodo in the film experiencing Bilbo’s story. Viewers are to learn the tale of ‘The Hobbit’ as a familiar Frodo gets the tale as well.

“Kurdt Kobain’s Primal Scream of Angst

"Kurdt Kobain's Primal Scream of Angst"

“Kurdt Kobain’s Primal Scream of Angst”


In the pages of Rolling Stone magazine, a magazine that I have faithfully read and kept every issue since the fall of 1993, I came across this image of the man I soon came into being associated with as my altered sate of being. Kurt Donald Cobain performing on stage wrenching from his very soul every note and word that he feels it to be necessary to chant out. The stage lights cast down on his unwashed hair that cover most of his face as the outline of his small shoulders are seen draped in one his legendary sweaters. This was my first attempt at pastel.


Of the many icons of my youth and the stages in life, it is Kurt Cobain that I have the most trouble looking at. His music can be played non-stop through out my life and yet his face has caused me to pause from time to time. He was a handsome man with a charming smile. The only time I was able to see him perform was on Saturday Night Live in 1993 with Charles Barkley, RuPaul and Sebastian Bach of Skid Row.

Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana

Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana

RuPaul was a friend of Kurt as well as Skid Row was one of the bands that Kurt liked as a youth. After performing “Heart Shaped Box” and “Rape Me,” the show ended, as it had for its entire run, with the whole cast and guests waving goodbye. At this point, as an artist, I had noticed Kurt’s square shaped hands. It was not until I had read “Come As You Are” that I realized Kurt so slight of frame do to his stomach ailment. His hands looked large in contrast to his small arms. His waving and grinning at the end of the show was all the more unique in his eating a pastry and being dwarfed in height compared to Barkley and long time friend and band mate, Krist Novoselic.

Rolling Stone no. 674, January 1994

Rolling Stone no. 674, January 1994

Close to my graduation from high-school and for my eighteenth birthday I walked to the local mall after school with a friend and fellow Nirvana fan and purchased “Cobain” fresh off the printing press. The book had a collection of the various Nirvana articles that Rolling Stone had done through the short career of Nirvana. To this day, it still urps me that the only Rolling Stone magazine I do not have is no. 674, January 1994. As a favor I let a friend borrow it only to never have seen that guy again.

Not having much money in my teenage years, I did not have a lot of posters and this compelled me to make my own.   This pastel depiction of Kurt was an attempt at a Nirvana poster.

“Where there is a Will there is a Way”

"Where there is a Will there is a Way"

"Where there is a Will there is a Way"

After the death of his mother, Princess Diana, I could not help but sense how much rage could have been in the young prince William.   Over the years, William has grown into a man that like his mother is willing to help everyone he can.   The expression on his face, as he listens intensely at someone at what I can only guess as a polo match, is one of those edges of anger and passion that I foresaw in his youth.

There is a bond between he and his younger brother Harry that is one that comes from a loss of a parent where the idea of family shifts to looking out for one another.   The brothers are friends that a serious presence when entering a room.   Seriously, one interviewer mentioned that just the shear height of the two boys is enough to make one take a step back not to mention that they are the second and third in line for the crown of Englan

A Vedder Jam

eddie_vedder_vedder_jam-IMG_2437-thumbA Vedder Jam

Color Pencil on Strathmore 11” x 14”

November 11, 2009 – 12 hours

The name of the alternative rock group Pearl Jam came from the introduction of their new singer.  After the original singer of the Sub Pop band Mother Love Bone died of a drug overdose, the bassist and founder recruited a San Diego surfer named Eddie Vedder.  After Vedder had covered the final formulation of the band and all original planned tracks for Mother Love Bone, he wrote a couple new songs as well.  This plus a few other factors gave Vedder the ability to add his input into a new name for the group.  The name was conceived as a band decision however it was fettered through Vader’s family.  Vedder said that the name “Pearl Jam” was a reference to his great-grandmother Pearl, who was married to a Native American and had a special recipe for peyote-laced jam. (1) – Tim Benjam

(1) ^ a b Neely, Kim. “Right Here, Right Now”. Rolling Stone. October 31, 1991.

"Eddie Vedder" 1996

“Eddie Vedder” 1996

It should be noted that the color version of this portrait of Eddie Vedder was done 0n November 11 – 17, 2009 which are important dates both in the country of America and in my life span.  The original sketch was done in 1996 and has spent close to to fifteen years in my portfolio.  The revision came as I had grown uncomfortable with the light sketching style that was the norm of my life in the late nineties.

After stubbornness and the love of color in my art urged me to do a really refined portrait of Mr. Vedder.  After smoothing out his hair and trying my best to recreate that slightly stained and faded coloring to his grunge style shirt, I started on the background of Red and maroon.  Somehow Eddie Vedder will for ever be in a marron coloring in my mind.  Blue and purple blotches began to arise and the idea of jam came to mind.  In all it was a stones throw away from Pearl Jam’s name.  Also Vedder in the place of Better stated that I felt this Eddie portrait was “A Vedder Jam.”

Fire and Honor

"Fire and Honor"

"Fire and Honor"

As Henry Charles Albert David stood by his brother William at Wembley Stadium July 1, 2007, held by the brothers as a tribute to the 46 th anniversery of their mother Diana Princess of Whales birth, he spoke of his mother and a shout out to his brothers in arms fighting in Iraq.   The young prince has hada history of rebellious behavior and the only thing that has kept the firery red head in check is his undying loyalty to the military.

Originally not given permission to leave for a tour in Iraq with his company due to his status as the third in line for the crown of England would create concerns that included Harry being a high-value target (as several threats by various groups have already been made against him) and the dangers the soldiers around him would face should any attempt be made on the Prince’s life or capture. Clarence House made public the Prince’s disappointment with the decision, though he said he would abide by it. He felt that he would put his comrads in danger however he felt he was not living up to his responsibilities as a military man by staying behind.