Mary Lynne Adams

Born in the Heart of America but her  soul has always been in England and with her family.

She has taught children as a result of the actions and words of D. Martin Luther King Jr., been creative as a result of Sir Paul McCartney and the Sixties cultural movements and has been a foundation of her family as a result of her parents: Erle W. and Mary Margaret Adams.

Of her two sons, Mary Lynne has three grandchildren through Jeff.   These grandchildren are the following: Vivian Ashley, born in 2000 in Hawaii, Sedona Nell born in 2002 in Oregon and Hannah Ann in 2007 in California.

The Benjamin Family in California
Jeff Benjamin
Lisa Benjamin
Vivian Benjamin
Sedona Benjamin
Hannah Benjamin

Erle Wilbert Adams

1 Prologue
2 Biography
2.01 Early life
2.05.01 Homestead and the Baby Boom
2.04.02 The Miracle Child
2.01.03 Grandchildren
2.06 Career


Mary Lynne Adams

- -, 19--

Occupation English as a Second Language Specialist
Parents Mary Margaret Adams, Erle W. Adams
Siblings Michael Kent Adams, Ann Meredith (Adams) Lewis.
George Washington Santee and Mary Bell (Higginbotham) Santee



                In the busy life of Mary Lynne's grandparent Robert Erle Adams, he did find time to find love and marry Stella Marie Patton.   The couple raised children with high values and good morals.   Of the children of Stella Marie Patton and Robert Erle Adams there were: Erle Wilbert Adams, John Quince Adams, Roberta Leigh (Davis) Adams and Charles Adams.

Robert Erle Adams, and his wife Stella Marie Patton (Adams)

Homestead and the Baby Boom

           When second World War had settled down and the world seemed less dangerous, Erle Wilbert Adams and his new bride, Mary Margaret settled down and had their first son Michael Kent Adams at Wesling Hospital, Wichita Kansas.   The new parents had a second child, Mary Lynne Adams soon after.   The young family spent many car trips visiting aunts, uncles, cousins and grand parents on holidays and special occasions throughout the heartland and wide open space of Oklahoma.   Family was important to Mary Margaret and she stressed this to her children to be kind and in touch with your family.  

Having both Mary Margaret's parents and Erle W's parents alive meant a headache when it came to holidays like Christmas when you either swap years for who you wanted to visit.   The other option was that you drove to one parent's home in the mourning and then drove to other parents' home in the afternoon.

Mary Lynne and her father Erle W.

The Miracle Child

On the eleventh Birthday of daughter Mary Lynne, her mother Mary Margaret had some surprising news for her.   It was not a present but an unexpected baby sister.   There had been some surgical work done to Mary Margaret in the past that made it unlikely that she would have any more children.   Despite the medical miracle of Mary Margaret and Erle W's third child, Ann Meredith (Adams) Lewis was born in Hillsent Hospital in Tulsa Oklahoma on August 10, 1957.

            It has been said that Ann Meredith Adams was the only child to be aloud on the family's car being a cherished 1957 sky blue Chevrolet.

Mary Lynne and Ann on the '57 Chevy
Dianne and Mike Adams

Nieces and Nephews

            The first grandchild to Erle W. Adams and Mary Margaret was Michael Todd Adams born on August 13, 1966 to Michael Adams and his wife Diane Marie (Box) Adams.  Youngest daughter Ann and husband Bob Lewis had the only granddaughter, Jessica Lewis, in 1985 and the last grandson was not born until 1990 when Adam Keith Adams was born.

Ann (Lewis) Adams and sister Mary Lynne Adams

The children of Mary Lynne Adams were two years apart in two completely different countries and yet they were delivered by the same nurse out of complete luck, the first child was Jefferey John Benjamin and the second was Timothy John Benjamin.

As a result of her work, Mary Lynne raised her sons in various countries and in various schools, offering a great span of exposure to different cultures.

Eventually, Mary Lynne did settle in southern California and for a great deal of time, she taught English as a Second Language.

Mary Lynne Adams worked for various school districts and eventually became an English as a Second Language Specialist.