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The Day Mary Margaret met Erle
by Tim Benjamin and input by family members

story told by Erle W. Adams, Mary Margaret Adams, Ann Lewis, Mike Adams and Mary Lynne Adams

The story of my grandparents meeting:

On a sunny day in the 1930’s, in Lemont Oklahoma, the downtown was the very embodiment of a vibrant small farming town.  The Adams General Store was on the main street through the town and its owner, Robert Erle Adams, was inside tending to his family namesake’s business and asked his son, Erle W. to sweep the sidewalk outside.


The Adams Store

       Stepping out into the sun, Erle did his job as two young ladies happened to walk by, one of who paid little attention to the young man but the other did.  The sisters, Nell and Mary Margaret Santee were spending the day in the town when they passed the general store when the older sister, Nell, turned back over her shoulder and said to her younger sister, Mary Margaret, that there was a handsome man behind them.

Out of chance, Mary Margaret turned back and saw the man that would be her husband of over sixty-five years.

Love at First Sight
story as told by Tim Benjamin
The rendering:
A decade ago, when I visiting my family in Oklahoma, I went with my grandparents to the small town of Lemont where the still standing landmark of the Adams General Store was waiting for a Kodak moment. We all gathered before the store as my grandfather, Erle, walked across the street and took a photo of us.
With Photoshop I was able to turn the color photo to black and white rendering, cut us out of the photo. With some research into what would be on a general store at that time, I was able to gather some adds for the store and then paste them into the store. It seemed that a fruit stand was to be in front of the store even it was only in my imagination but in the end could be the same reason that I stuck three Coke adds into the picture, the time of the early century is to me linked so much  to Coke even though Pepsi was cheaper at the time.  As much as I was tempted to have Mighty Mouse flying in the background or a visit from President Roosevelt, I decided on a more realistic choice of additions.
Family Landmark
Adams Store 2006

            Over the Years, The Adams General Store was considered a landmark in the Adams family.   On holidays, family gatherings and other special occasions, the family would travel in a caravan of cars to funerals, Lemont, and the Adams Store.

            The town of Enid later painted the downtown area windows as a beautification project.   It was considered a historical landmark.

            It has been rumored to be demolished with the adjourning street block. (?)

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