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Robert Erle Adams and Stella Marie Patton
by Tim Benjamin and input by family members
An amateur actor, mailman, sandwich maker in a bar run by his father and a general store owner, my great-grandfather, Robert Erle Adams was a force of nature.

1 Prologue
2 Biography
2.01 Early life
2.02 Careers
2.03 The Adams Store
2.04 Amatuer Actor
2.05 Marriage and Family
3 Summury
An amateur actor, mailman, sandwich maker in a bar run by his father and a general store owner, my great-grandfather, Robert Erle Adams was a force of nature.

Early life

His father owned a pool hall that served sandwiches that were eventually made by the young Robert Erle. In the twenties, Robert Erle’s pool hall did or did not serve alcohol, as it was the prohibition.

While in the pool hall, whenever Robert was asked to make a sandwich he would cross the street to the grocery store to get the ingredients and in time he developed an idea of going into the grocery store business store himself.

When my grand father Erle Wilbert Adams was two, his father Robert opened the Adams store in Nash County Lemont Oklahoma and thus continued on as a pillar of the community.

Robert Erle delivered mail in a model T Ford in the rural area of Lemont. His two aunts and an uncle lived on a farm in which Robert Erle delivered to. In his youth, Robert Erle would work on his relatives farms and whenever it rained in the area his aunt would say, “Well it is good for the wheat.” However a cabin fevered Robert Erle would say to his aunt that it might be good for the wheat but is not good for him.


Robert Erle Adams and Stella Marie Patton
Robert Erle Born
November 13, ?
Sedan. Kansas USA
Robert Erle Santee Died
Oklahoma USA
Stella Marie Patton Born

Lamont, Oklahoma USA

Stella Marie Patton Died
Oklahoma USA
Occupation of Robert Erle mail man, farm worker, amateur actor, general store own, saloon employee
Parents of Robert Erle Adams John Quincy Adams (m. Margarat Francis ( ? ) Adams
Parents of Stella Marie Patton Wilbert Dayton Patton (m. Sarah Etta Wood)
Children Erle Wilbert Adams, John Quince Adams, Roberta Leigh (Davis) Adams and Charles Adams
The Adams Store

Located in Enid (? ) Oklahoma, The Adams General Store was a family store run by Robert Erle Adams and his sons: Erle Wilbert Adams, John Quincy Adams and Charles Adams.   His wife Stella Marie Patton also contributed on occasion as well.

While working behind the counter of the Adams store, Robert Erle would sell candy, bread, pop and do all that is expected of a general store including carve meat in the back room.   Gypsies would travel through the town and would have a tendency to take items without paying.   Wearing aprons these gypsies would simply walk into the Adams store and put items in their aprons as they browsed then buy something small and inexpensive.   Wearing a butcher's apron, Robert Erle watched these strangers from the back of the store as he chopped meat.  

The Adams Store
Not wanting to get his long black hair in the way he would tie it back and resemble his Cherokee background.   His apron would be covered in a bit of blood from the meat Robert was cutting and would walk out looking like a head hunting Cherokee worrier and coolly said to the gypsies, "You can either pay for what is in your aprons or leave now."   They left in a hurry.

Amateur Actor

            In the Adams store there was a couple rows of theatre seats at one side.   This was an aspect of Robert Erle showing itself that later came out as he wanting to be an actor.   The town had a few amateur plays in the theatres and wanted actors and Robert Erle was all too willing to addition.   Getting the parts in various plays and in much subject matter, Robert was actually considered quite good at what he did.   The only evidence of him being a descent actor was that he kept being called back.   Acting aside, Robert had a tendency to only dress in shaggy pants, shirt and hold a cane.   No matter what the play was about, Robert would stagger out on stage and act as an old man.

Marriage and family

Eventually, Robert Erle did find time to find love and marry Stella Patton.   The couple raised children with high values and good morals.

Name Born Died Spouse(s) Occupations Notes / Cause of Death (where applicable)
Erle Wilbert Adams May 7, 1918 Mary Margaret Santee Trained soldiers in World War II, worked for Flint Steel in Tulsa Oklahoma. Great Guy.
John Quincy Adams Phyllis Marie Blubaugh Flew in the Air Force during World War II, Long time resident of Los Angeles, CA.
Roberta Leigh Davis Adams January 31, 1917 2008 Ben Davis Long time resident of Tulsa Oklahoma
Charles Adams
The Grinder of Cocoa

            In the childhood of my Grandfather, Erle W. Adams, when asked about whether he was able to have a cup of hot cocoa on those cold nights in Lamont Oklahoma.   Growing up with a father that was a general store owner, young Erle had the advantage of a father that had raw cocoa, sugar and a grinder at his disposal.   This grinder may have been meant for coffee beans but Erle's father, Robert Erle, was a man that was not frightened of trying new things.   The grinding of cocoa as well as the smell of hot cocoa being made the Adams Store a even more frequent stop on the streets of Lamont.

The Adams Children
            Another question was put to my grandfather in that whether his father wanted to or liked to make hot cocoa at home for his family.   The answer was yes, however it was revealed that the main reasoning behind Robert Erle going through the effort of making the cocoa from scratch was that it was he himself that wanted a hot cup of cocoa.
In the end, Robert Erle was a man greater then any words could describe.

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