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The Family Portrait in Lamont

In the middle of the Summer, in Oklahoma, I was among a motorcade of family members traveling from one family historical site to another and I just so happen to alone in a car with my aunt Phyl. We arrived first at the house of my great-grandparents' house. We pull up and walk around a little and decide to sit in the shade out back.

We sit and wait a while listening the bugs buzz and hum away. When the rest of the family, Aunt Roberta, My grandparents (Erle and Mary Margeret), my Mother (Mary Lynne) and Aunt Conny with her grandson Robert. My grand father walks over by the shed and wants to take a photo. He calls for everyone to gather and pose and also to Phyl and I to stand. I am almost going to stand when I hear Phyl say something along the line of, "No.. I am fine just the way I am." This cracks me up and thus, you see me laughing and Phyl not standing.

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