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The Adams General Store
by Tim Benjamin and input by family members

story told by Erle W. Adams

Located in Lamont (? ) Oklahoma, The Adams General Store was a family store run by Robert Erle Adams and his sons: Erle Wilbert Adams, John Quincy Adams and Charles Adams.   His wife Stella Marie Patton also contributed on occasion as well.

While working behind the counter of the Adams store, Robert Erle would sell candy, bread, pop and do all that is expected of a general store including carve meat in the back room.   Gypsies would travel through the town and would have a tendency to take items without paying.   Wearing aprons these gypsies would simply walk into the Adams store and put items in their aprons as they browsed then buy something small and inexpensive.   Wearing a butcher's apron, Robert Erle watched these strangers from the back of the store as he chopped meat.  

The Adams Store
Not wanting to get his long black hair in the way he would tie it back and resemble his Cherokee background.   His apron would be covered in a bit of blood from the meat Robert was cutting and would walk out looking like a head hunting Cherokee worrier and coolly said to the gypsies, "You can either pay for what is in your aprons or leave now."   They left in a hurry.
Love at First Sight
story as told by Ann Lewis
Growing up in a small town, Mary Margaret Santee had a slight problem in school in that her father was the superintendent that led to few altercations with misbehavior. Mary Margaret was considered quite the catch by the local males of her community and was named homecoming queen in her junior year of high school. Mary Margaret and her older sister by eleven years, Nell Santee did help each other as much as possible. In fact, walking the sidewalks in the town side of Lamont, Oklahoma, the two sisters noticed a young good-looking man sweeping a porch area outside the Adams General Store. Older sister Nell pointed the young man out as a fine looking catch to younger sister Mary Margaret.
Later Mary Margaret was properly introduced to the young shop boy for the Adams Store general storewho revealed his name as Erle W. Adams. After a few successful dates young Erle went off to College A.N.M. an Agricultural college that later changed its name to O.S.U. (Oklahoma State University) one the biggest state Universities in the country. While attending A.N.M., Erle had begun to realize that his thoughts were of no one other subject than Mary Margaret Santee and decided that on March 8, 1942 in Stillwater Oklahoma, he would marry Mary Margaret Santee. This marriage lasted sixty-seven years.
Family Landmark
Adams Store 2006

            Over the Years, The Adams General Store was considered a landmark in the Adams family.   On holidays, family gatherings and other special occasions, the family would travel in a caravan of cars to funerals, Lemont, and the Adams Store.

            The town of Enid later painted the downtown area windows as a beautification project.   It was considered a historical landmark.

            It has been rumored to be demolished with the adjourning street block. (?)

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