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The Adams Children
by Tim Benjamin and input by family members

Erle, Quince, Charles and Roberta Adams
These is family photograph of the children of Robert Erle Adams and Stella Marie Patton.
Name Born Died Spouse(s) Occupations Notes / Cause of Death (where applicable)
Erle Wilbert Adams May 7, 1918 Mary Margaret Santee Trained soldiers in World War II, worked for Flint Steel in Tulsa Oklahoma. Great Guy.
John Quincy Adams Phyllis Marie Blubaugh Flew in the Air Force during World War II, Long time resident of Los Angeles, CA.
Roberta Leigh Davis Adams January 31, 1917 2008 Ben Davis Long time resident of Tulsa Oklahoma
Charles Adams

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Author Tim Benjamin
Description Erle_Quince_Charles_Roberta.jpg
Date received 2009
Source Spence Lawrence Thomas Adams