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Grunge duets and collaborations
Alone - Alice in chains & pearl jam
A Grunge montage.



Hole and Courtney Love Music Videos
Hole - Gold Dust Woman

A Fleetwood Mac cover and a great reason to dye your hair. Mrs. love did this video shortly after finishing The People versus Larry Flint.


Hole Doll Parts
Kurt Cobain actually called a few days before the release of the Hole's Live Through This and said he really liked. The album was released days after Kurt's death. This video is bitter sweet in all sorts of ways, however, it should be mentioned that the same director that did this, the first of Courtney Love's hits, did Nirvana's Smell's Like Teen Spirit, the first of Kurt Cobain.
Hole - Celebrity Skin

The sequel to Live Through This was a very instrumental an lavish bold attempt by Courtney Love and her band. This video is of the first single to come off their third studio album. Opening with Courtney and new bassist Melissa Auf der Maur laying in a classic car. The shot opens to show long time guitarist Eric Erlandson. The even wider shot shows the replacement drummer.

It is a great upbeat song with flying chubby ballerinas flying around to boot.

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