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Greedy Fly Music Video
Bush's Greedy Fly was a huge inspiration to me in the nineties. The cold rain, the darken alleys, the lighting through wrecked housing, the chased angel being hunted down by himself only to be cut up with a circular saw and it all culminating in a frozen murder scene. All of this was just how I felt at the time and wanted to express it all in artwork.
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Swallowed Music Video
Another track from their album Razorblade Suitcase was Bush's Swallowed. Once again the imagery of this video screamed at me all aspects and icons that I felt strongly with. The burning red cross in the back that said to me the constant threat of the church in my life. The socialization alienation in the vast array of humanity. The older generation yelling a Gavin as he strays in and out of frequency do to the yelling.
Letting The Cables Sleep Music Video
This was a later video in Bush's career and swam in a low undertone that I could relate to, in that, it had a forbidden love affair angle. The artist painting on the wall was something I could definitely relate to.
Gavin Rossdale Solo Music Videos
Love Remains the Same Music Video
Gavin Rossdale left Bush in 2002, when the band disbanded, and became the stay at home dad with wife Gwen Stefani. Not until 2008 did he head back into the studio. This is a single from his solo album Wanderlust.
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Forever May You Run (International Version) Music Video
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Bush Live at Woodstock 1999
Bush "The One I Love" cover Live at Woodstock 1999
Bush "Glycerine" Live Live at Woodstock 1999
Bush "Comedown" Live at Woodstock 1999
Bush "Swallowed" Live at Woodstock 1999
Bush Live Performances
Bush Glycerine Live
Bush "Glycerine" Live at Spring break stood out to many due to the emotion ringing in Gavin's voice as well the fact that the pouring rain starting to really come down. The rain struck everyone in that it could have struck Gavin's electric guitar and electrocute him right there and yet he played on.
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