My John Cleese Artwork


When I was young, my father would have us watch this show called Monty Python and the Flying Circus.   Starting with the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, we as a family started to watch the BBC half hour comedy on VHS every Friday evening before watching a new film.   Growing up, I was well versed in the tall, wacky, well-educated British comedian who was born John Marwood Cleese that was part of the troop of Pythons.  

            As I grew up, John Cleese was a great base to think of witty comebacks and various ways of being upset with people.  

            It is always nice to see Cleese appear here and there in the world of films.   For a while, it seems, he did replace a constant character in the James Bond franchise and he has join what seems to be the entire British acting community in appearing in the Harry Potter franchise.


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