If you would like to purchase an original artwork, and it is available, I have to say great and thank you.

There a few original works that I do not want to sell for personal reasons and I must point out that some of what I have stored with me some are not for sale. Some of my original paintings, charcoal, pastel, color pencil and graphite I have made on commission and have sold. Some artwork I have made out of wanting to give to a friend and I have given it away for free.

If the original artwork is available and I am willing to sell it, you can find original artwork for sale here at my store front.

To narrow the search you can find my original artwork here in the categories of paintings, charcoal, pastel, or color pencil illustrations, with more to come.

I have always been light hearted in terms of selling my art and tend to sell myself short in terms of cost. After years of being taken advantage of I have to sell my art at what is deemed appropriate for an original. The cost of art is not for the meek to either create or buy, I do try being as transparent towards the cost of my artwork in my financial page. If an original costing from fifty dollars to three hundred dollars apiece seems fare than I say great once more.

In mailing an 8.5" by 11" art piece to you, I use the United States Postal Service Online Postage Calculator to price shipping of a large opaque envelope, "marked photographs inside, please do not bend." I have had great luck in the past in sending safely items through the mail. With a history of mailing art that goes back at least ten years, I have gained great experience in what to do and what not to do. For the time being I am including shipping in the $10.00 price. It may change in time do to financial world crashing down around us.

When I mail an 18" by 24" piece it tends to be in a poster mailer in which is a long cardboard tube with the art piece rolled up inside. A painting on canvas from the small to large, it tends to be in a box, cut down or sized for maximum safety and lean postage costs. With Acrylic paintings, I tend to wrap them in plastic for safety and pad them for safety.

I hope you will be happy with your purchase and have a nice life.


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