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Ordering a Print

Color Pencil Illistration

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Ordering a Print

In mailing the Tim Benjamin Art © piece to you, I use the United States Postal Service Online Postage Calculator to price shipping of an large opaque envelope, "marked photographs inside, please do not bend." I have had great luck in the past in sending safely items through the mail. With a history of mailing art that goes back at least ten years, I have gained great experience in what to do and what not to do. For the time being I am including shipping in the $10.00 price. It may change in time do to financial world crashing down around us.

When you order a print, I will send the photo, an explanation of the art and an optional piece of cardboard for safety to the work through the mail.

In order to to request a print of my art, for the time being, I am rather low tech at the moment, and so I need you to mail me a request for a art piece. Do to past experiences in not being paid for artwork when all said and done, I do ask for a payment of $10.00 in a form of a check, money order or cash with your request. For my mailing address and conformation that you are serious and not out to get me, please contact me by e-mail at


Color Pencil Illistrations and Portraiture

Most Color Pencil artworks tend to have the same cost in the end.   I use at least eighty or so different colors to get the result I am satisfied with, and I have been told by many clients that they too are pleased with the end result.   An example of a color pencil drawing is the following:



Supplies Used on Art Pieces

Color Pencils used:

  Prismacolor Pencil Dark Cream PC914                                                                                       $1.37

 Prismacolor Pencil Canary Yellow PC916                                                                                     $1.37

 Prismacolor Pencil Sunburst Yellow PC917                                                                         $1.37

 Prismacolor Pencil Orange PC918                                                                                     $1.37

 Prismacolor Pencil Non-Photo Blue PC919                                                                                     $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Pale Vermillion PC921                                                                                     $1.37

 Prismacolor Pencil Poppy Red PC922                                                                                     $1.37

 Prismacolor Pencil Scarlet Lake PC923                                                                                     $1.37

 Prismacolor Pencil Crimson Red PC924                                                                                     $1.37

 Prismacolor Pencil Carmine Red PC926                                                                                     $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil PEACH PC927                                                                                                 $1.37

 Prismacolor Pencil Blush Pink PC928                                                                                     $1.37

 Prismacolor Pencil Pink PC929                                                                                                 $1.37

 Prismacolor Pencil Magneta PC930                                                                                     $1.37

 Prismacolor Pencil Dark Purple PC931                                                                                     $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Violet PC932                                                                                                 $1.37

 Prismacolor Pencil Violet Blue PC933                                                                                     $1.37

 Prismacolor Pencil Lavender PC934                                                                                     $1.37

 Prismacolor Pencil Black PC935                                                                                                 $1.37

 Prismacolor Pencil Tuscan Red PC937                                                                                     $1.37

 Prismacolor Pencil White PC938                                                                                                 $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Peach PC939                                                                                                 $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Raw Umber PC941                                                                                     $1.37

 Prismacolor Pencil Yellow OCHRE PC942                                                                                     $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Burnt Orche PC943                                                                                     $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Terra Cotta PC944                                                                                     $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Sienna Brown PC945                                                                                     $1.37

 Prismacolor Pencil Dark Brown PC946                                                                                     $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Dark Umber PC947                                                                                     $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Spepia PC948                                                                                                 $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Lite Violet PC956                                                                                     $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Hot Pink PC993                                                                                     $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Process Red PC994                                                                                     $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Spanish Orange PC1003                                                                         $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Pink Rose PC1018                                                                                     $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Jade Green PC1021                                                                                     $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Cloud Blue PC1023                                                                                     $1.37

 Prismacolor Pencil Peacock Blue PC1027                                                                                     $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Bronze PC1028                                                                                     $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Bronze PC1028                                                                                     $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil HENNA PC1031                                                                                     $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Pump Orange PC1032                                                                                     $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Golden Rod PC1034                                                                                     $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Warm Gray 20 PC1051                                                                                     $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Warm Gray 50 PC1054                                                                                     $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Warm Gray 70 PC1056                                                                                     $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Cool Gray 20 PC1060                                                                                     $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Cool Gray 50 PC1063                                                                                     $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Cool Gray 70 PC1065                                                                                     $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil French Gray 20 PC1069                                                                         $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil French Gray 50 PC1072                                                                         $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil French Gray 70 PC1074                                                                         $1.37

Prismacolor Pencil Sky Blue Lt PC1086                                                                                     $1.37

  Prismacolor Pencil Caribbean Sea PC1103                                                                         $1.37


ABT DUAL BRUSH N00 COLORLESS BLENDER                                                                $2.90         

                                                                        Subtotal:                 $76.88

Paper used:

Strathmore Premium Recycled Drawing Paper Sheet WHITE                                      $0.70                                        


                                                                        Subtotal:              $78.28                                                                                           Postage:      $ 4.00


Labor on Art Piece

25% charge/labor for the artist:                                                                                    $19.85

                                                                                                    Total Charge: $102.85

Pastel Illistration


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