In the years past, I have had many approach me after seeing my work or just learning that I am an artist that would want me to do a picture for them. The range of subject matter has been quite expansive, however I have learned that sometimes I stretch my spectrum of interest the best by taking on commissions. The money is great but never a main purpose in doing any artwork on request.

In my history of working with a pen, pencil, paintbrush, charcoal or pastel, I have had the best results in color pencil, charcoal, pastel or graphite. Acrylic paintings have had great result, on some attempts, but not all.

If you would like to hire me as an illustrator, for various reasons, like a portrait of Sylvia Plath for a fan of her' to hang in the fan's dorm room.

A gift of a portrait of a favorite band likes Led Zepplin, as I did for a fellow student in high school. A gift idea for someone usually comes in the for of what that person likes or is "into."

For a birthday present, I was hired to do illustration of the concept of "Love", in black and white.   When asked to do this depiction of a happy picture of Love with happy faces, rainbows and stars,"

The idea was quite foggy at best in my mind.   I thought of a rainbow and fluffy clouds, not my thing but I am artist for hire.   Stars and smiley faces (smiley faces may have been added in my head because I was trying to have a nice day:).     I went through old magazines and a book of 1970's advertising and found images of: women with long funky hair, happy face as well as lettering from the era.   Blocking off the piece helped as well as writing LOVE as big an s possible.

A black and white rainbow lost some it's meaning, but it was supposed to be black and white.   Heart shaped balloons floating around made sense around the cloudy rainbow.   Love Goddess spirits in the air also made sense.   The whole 1970's hair era I have always thought had a great charm to it.
Body art is something of uneasiness with me. The idea that my artwork will forever be on some bodies skin leaves shivers up my spine. Not the whole needle and pain part, just the thought that in ten years someone might regret that art piece stuck with them forever. I have done only one (to my knowledge) tattoo design and it was to be across the middle of the back and between the shoulders. Apparently it is the only section of skin that will not stretch (so I was told.) The customer was young and had a friend to do the needlework. The design was of a sunset on the beach with skulls intertwined into the waves. In the end, I think I got the design right, however I cannot state the handiwork of the tattooist. Hopefully all worked out in the end.

After a death in the family, flowers are the traditional gift of bereavement. In a few funerals in my family I did an illustration for each of the recently passed on. I added elements that reminded me of them. For my Great Aunt, I put flowers from her garden she liked to putter in, small animals and birds that she enjoyed so. For my cousin, I put various dogs, domestic and wild, as well a collage design of guitars and a drum set for he was in a band and people seem to picture a drum set when they think of him.

It was simple and yet conveyed the loss felt as well as my wanting to extend a hug through the distance that is between my extended family and myself.
If you would like to commission an illustration you can email here and describe, in the best way you can, what you would like to have done. If you were not completely sure what exactly you would like done that is all right. Describing what the occasion or person you would like the illustration for might help. If it is done for a birthday or a religious holiday, this helps. I have had great experience researching holidays and historical significance of various events to help out in what you might like done.

When people have approached me with "Can you draw me a picture." and that is all I hear, I am somewhat at a loss. If you can give me one or two ideas, it does help. I do not mind conjuring up wild and fantastic images form my imagination; however, when I do artwork for others I do want to please that person. If I know something of what that person is or what would please them then I do go from there and beyond.

If you ask for an original art illustration and are completely open for all possibilities, my gut is not at total ease not knowing if I am working in the right direction towards pleasing you.

If you have a picture or two you wish me to integrate into you illustration feel free to upload them in the email to me.

I Thank You for Your Time.


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