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Over the years I have had a passion for drawing people. People watching are an almost second nature in my life. How people interact and communicate is a mystery to me and in drawing other humans I seem to learn something about humanity each time. In that, I have created a knack for catching expressions in the eyes.

I have had great experience in portraiture and have had many commissions over the years and would love to do a portrait for you. It is a great gift for somebody and has a definite personal touch.
High school or College Graduation Portraits are great send off gifts.
Family portraits collaged of many different photos into a color pencil illustration shows great continuity.
In order to order a portrait you can e-mail me here . In the form you can upload an image you would want to be done in color pencil , pastel or charcoal . I have done acrylic in the past but I have had bad results lately (mainly to inactivity in that medium.) I am mainly adapt at color pencil and can produce a color pencil portrait in the speediest manner.

Most people these days use digital cameras and can upload photos to their computers and then can upload them in an email form here to me. After that I can print the photo out as a reference to do the art piece.


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