"The Del Dios Mural"

Poster Paint on wood 24' by 6'


With the aid of a Kitty Needham, my middle School art teacher and friend, I was able to paint this mural from a sketch I did earlier that year. The original theme is something of a blur, but it did have something to do with the earth and all beings on it being of the same origin. Staying late each school day, sometimes until six at night, I was left the art room at my desposal as I happily painted away. Barefoot and listining to rock and roll through the schools radio I created all sorts of beings that would, I thought, be around for a great deal of time.

After I went on to high school, my one year younger friends informed to me mid telephone conversation and mid singing "Wish upon a Star" that the mural had been tagged by a gang and had to be painted over. It could be seen from the ajoininh roads and near freeway so I was able to that it was replaced by Van Gough's "Starry Night" shich is nice but my original was nice as well. More for the memories that the actual artwork.

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