“Ladies of the Grey Gardens aka The Lovers Elope ”
Color Pencil on card stock paper 18” by 24 ”
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The Lovers elope through the Ladies of Grey Gardens

After a wonderful model posed twice in my illustration class, I continued on in illustrating the story that was in my mind:

The two lovers eloped one evening only to be followed by a search crowd.   The foreground bottom is of the two lovers shrouded in dark cloaks.   The stairs run through a very old and weather torn path that leads through the gap in between two towering statues of red rock carved in the shapes of the founding sisters of the two countries that meet at this gap.   The sisters were from the Gray Havens family originally and split to form two lands in hope of universal family and love.   They were of the earth and wore flowers in their hair and each had a family bracelet.   The two lands built cities on facing mountain sides.   Over the years a family quarrel separated the two lands.   Over centuries, grudges turned to wars, wars turned to resentment and mistrust.  

            One Evening, two young spirits eyed each other in matching towers; they eloped.   The night of the elopement, they ran in fear only to be followed by a crowd in the middle center of the picture.   Joined together for the first time in centuries, family and friends of each of the couple went from the two cities along the top edges of the illustration.

When I was asked to explain the illustration, I relayed the above story to my illistration   instructor.   The response was:   "Of course it is."

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