“Gandalf the Grey in Bagg End ”
Color Pencil on card stock paper 8.5”x11”
Part of my Lord of the Rings Study

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            In the ancient home called Bagg End, which is of the Hobbit family Baggins, is   the One hundred and Eleventh birthday of Bilbo Baggins, the current inhabitant of this dwelling in which he shares it with his adopted nephew Frodo.   This six foot tall man is a very old friend of Bilbo and stoops in the connecting hallway arch of the main hall and the living room.   This man must stoop his six-foot frame for the simple reason that is the normal height of a Hobbit is about three feet.   This man, is older than Bilbo's age and wiser than many, is the family friend named Gandalf the Grey.   Future leader of the ancient order of Wizards known as the Istari , a race of beings that surpass many in power and physical abilities but are some how trapped in the form of old men.

            Gandalf is invited into Bagg End, after Bilbo knows that Gandalf is not a family member of who have been pestering Bilbo non-stop for they have not forgiven him for living so long.   Joyfully excited is Bilbo in Gandalf's return to his home that Bilbo has taken Gandalf's hat and staff and rushed off for something to offer as a drink and babbling non-stop in the bowels of his home.   Listening slightly, Gandalf looks over the cozy home of his friend.   The fireplace glows in a warm heat as the light dances off the pictures of Hobbit Baggins family members of the past.   The circular window shines in past the adjoining circular arch of the kitchen entry.   Gandalf smiles to himself as he spots the cluttered table of Bilbo's recent work.  

            A map is revealed as Gandalf moves a few parchments.   The words of The Misty Mountains, Mirkwood, Rivendell and The Lonely Mountain are shown as well a picture drawn of a dragon that goes by the name of Smaug.   Bilbo's past is shown in his adventures with Gandalf as well as what Gandalf could conceive as future plans to return to these places.   These thoughts are broken as Bilbo reappears in the kitchen to offer him some food.

            Bilbo veers off his offering inquiry as he notices Gandalf is not in the living room.   "Just tea, thank you," Gandalf answers and surprises Bilbo as he is now behind him in the kitchen.

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