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“Some call me... Tim”

Color Pencil on card stock paper 8”x11”
John Cleese in “The search for the Holy Grail”
Part of my John Cleese Study





“Some call me... Tim”
I, Timothy Erle John Benjamin Adams, am known by many names.  
      The name of Tim comes the T.V. series Lassie , it was the name of the character of the boy who seemed to be forever in danger.   A common line in the series was offered by an adult beckoned by the four legged heroe:    


“What is the matter, Girl?   Did Timmy fall down a well, broke a leg, after being hit by a nuclear warhead?”



      My middle name was given to me at birth after my Father's Father's name of John “Jack,”   a man that I resembled so much that one day my father said: “Tim, you remind me so much of my father that I think you should be chained to a wall until the age of thirty-five.”

      The name Erle is of my Mother's Father's name.   Erle W. Adams, a man of great integrity and compassion.   After the birth of my older brother, Jeffrey John, there was a thought of of a certain lack of creativity in naming a second son after “Jack” Benjamin.   In many ways, I should have had the middle name of Erle (that is Erle spelled with ERLE not EARL, the post ost office and may others have been well trained in not spelling my grandfather's name incorrectly).   I do resemble a great many aspects as well as like to be a great many aspects like Erle W. Adams.   On the other hand, I am crazy like “Jack” Benjamin and like to paint anything any where like Jack; however I know and love my Grandfather Erle, who has always been there for me so I have decided to change my middle name to Erle.

      As for the portrait of John Cleese as Tim, the Enchanter from the film Monty Python and the search for the Holy Grail , I submit the following:

   The KNIGHTS are riding along the top of a ridge.   The country is wild and inhospitable.   Suddenly some of them see fire in the distance and ride towards it.   As they approach they see an impressive WIZARD figure striding around conjuring up fire from the ground and causing various bushes and branches to burst into flame

What manner of man are you that can conjure up fire without flint or tinder?
I am an enchanter.
By what name are you known?
There are some who call me Tim?
Greetings Tim the Enchanter!

now playing: "Some Call Me Tim..." performed by John Cleese

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