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"Robert Pattinson: Never Think"
Color Pencil on Card Stock Paper cut 8.5" by 11"
July 9, 2009 - 6 hours
"Robert Pattinson's Unruly Hair"

            Coming to a dead end of any ideas for a title for another Robert Pattinson portrait, I had to reflect that the first was of a humorous editorial of Pattinson's hair, however the second was thought at first to be of his glare or his snarl of a pursed expression.   The attention that "Robert Pattinson's Unruly Hair" has had in an art showing has made me do another of him.   I find myself becoming a Pop Artist more and more these days and have yet to fully come to terms with it.

            I just so happen to have picked up the soundtrack to the film Twilight .   That is, the album Twilight is made up of songs performed by various artists including Linkin Park, Collective Soul and a "Rob Pattinson." Based on the song, "Never Think", that Pattinson did for the soundtrack for his better-known appearance in, Twilight .   The song has a Jack Johnson feel to it and does show some talent on the side of Pattinson.

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