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"Robert Pattinson's Unruly Hair"
Color Pencil on Card Stock 8.5"by 11"
June 30, 2009





Robert Pattinson's Unruly Hair was given its name due to the fact that Pattinson, in real life, did seem at the time I rendered this portrait, to have hair that looked like he took a shower, shook his head dry and sprayed it with hair spray and was was done. All that being said, it was a good look for him.

Starting the piece with the idea that since I enjoyed drawing hair so much that I would really would like to do a Pattinson portrait, only to find myself doubting my artistic merit as well as cursing Pattinson's jungle of hair and highlights as I got lost from time to time.

To me Robert Pattinson will forever be Cedric from the fourth Harry Potter film and will always make me wonder who broke his nose.   The Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire film was Pattinson's first big production film and launched his acting career on the screen.   Back in 2005, in my favorite bookstore / slash coffee shop; I sat with a friend looking through books we could not afford and magazines on upcoming fantasy films.   Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire film was to be released and I had not finished the novel yet and was curious about who would be playing the additional characters.   My friend, who reads at a much quicker rate than I, pointed out that Pattinson was to play Cedric Diggory.   In the novel, author J.K. Rowling did describe Diggory as a handsome fellow with a straght nose so I could see Pattinson being a good choice for the role. Eyeing him, my friend groaned and said, "Oh dear, the girls are going to sad to see him die."   Spoiler alert.
Buzz worthy Unruly Hair
Robert Patterson, portrait made

during Mexican-American War

Being older than many and younger than most, I have had from time difficulty grasping the buzz of the day and when I did the portrait of Pattinson I had a few problems.   With most of the art I do, I do like to learn what I can about the subject in time, but when I wanted to make sure I had Pattinson's name spelled correctly I came across some evidence of my age.  

A result, I did have to look his name up on the net to make sure I have his name correct, apparently Robert Patterson (the latest) was a U.S. major General during the Mexican-American War who was born in 1881; while, Robert Pattinson, the actor, model and musician, was born in 1986. I am not sure which makes me feel older: the fact that Pattinson was born in 1986, the fact that I subconsciously mistook a modern day pop actor for a historical General or the fact that I am not hip enough to know what the devil Pattinson's name was.

Know Your Audience (as Best You Can)
Robert Pattinson: Never Think


After showing the portrait of Robert Pattinson's Unruly Hair at a gallery showing, I was prepared for the portrait of Harrison Ford to capture more of a response as the patrons were to be of an older generation and Ford is and has been a well known blockbuster Hollywood star for a few decades.  Following the advice of some of the better film makers in Hollywood as well in the art world who have said that when it comes to films or art: know your audience. Adding the portrait of Pattinson to bring some response from the younger guests and staff, I was taken aback by how many people responded more to Robert Pattinson's Unruly Hair and not toward Ford's It's Not The Years, Honey, It's The Mileage
           In response to this reaction, I did another portrait of Pattinson and the reaction was not the same.   In Robert Pattinson: Never Think , I wanted a sleeker look to the portrait and I was happier with the more fluid color scheme of the blended color pencils.   The reaction to the sequel was non registered and I got a feeling that people liked the more (what I call) grundgy blended lines of the sweater and facial features.   Oh well, live and learn.

          Robert Pattinson's Unruly Hair is in the private collection of a friend and I know has a good home.

It's Not The Years, Honey, It's The Mileage

Slightly Older and Slightly Out of Place

Pattinson at the Twilight premiere in Los Angeles
In an interview with The Daily Show with Jon Stewart , Robert Pattinson asked about his talents as a musician, model and an actor all to the question by Stewart (who has mentioned his near middle age to a much younger person, such as Pattinson who was born May 13 1986) who asked: "Did you worry that you would not get laid enough?"
            In a behind the scenes feature of Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire , Pattinson mentioned that being a year or so older than many of his co-stars aka (Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley, Emma Watson as Hermione Granger and a cast of similar aged actors) meant that he was able to not have to take the exams that his younger co-stars were taking amidst the on set tutoring they had been having in the way of their schooling.   He grinned at this but also mentioned that he was actually alone at times as a result.
Robert Pattinson and Zac Efron at the 2008 Oscars
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