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"I Scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream"
Color Pencil on card stock paper   8.5" by 11"


            In my many years of service to a retirement establishment with an ever-growing craft of the milk byproduct of frozen cream, known as ice cream, I have been fortunate enough to gain great knowledge in how to construct a sundae.   A sundae is an offering of temporary joy to someone.   It is a possible heightened experience of happiness.   The same can be said when one is first introduced to anything in the form of a food or drink.   If you taste for the first time a fine wine or a chocolate soufflé and your first impulse is to say, "Oh God, what is this?   And how can I replace my blood with it?"   Well, the job of the server is done.

            A sundae's size can very, from a small and romantic design or to the "oh my god, what was he trying to do, kill me" immense size of a small trunk.   A sundae is what I make, mainly since I know very little about actual nutrition.   After all:

Life is uncertain, so eat desert first.

            A resident once asked, "What would we do without you, Tim?"

              I responded: "Well, you would be thinner."   I started my soda jerk career with a disaster of a sundae, only to acknowledge at the time that I knew very little about desserts.   Now, I have a long spiel of a speech about what we have to serve.   Everything we have to serve.   What a waste it was to not mention if we have caramel sauce since no one knew we had it to serve.

            Humor went with the speech of deserts, after all, I have these two to six people captured as my audience, why not give a show.   The extra effort makes up for all the mistakes I have done through out the meal, and the over stuffing I have given creates a great euphoria in which all bad moods and hostile needs have long since been lost.   A grumpy old man can be turned into a happy teenager in one root-beer float.   A distraught woman can be a tranquil kid after shake with too much whipped cream.  

            Ice cream is one the better inventions of human kind.   It liberates you as well as relaxes all worries in the world away.   Ice Cream helps your spirit, my spirit and all those around us.   To sum up:

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

Down the street from my grandparents' house in Tulsa, O.K. there was an ice cream parlor that will make a sundae with a soda jerk still in play.   On my eighteenth birthday, my father and stepmother drove all over Oceanside to find a Ruby's restaurant where they serve in a 1940's diner setting even with a soda fountain bar where you can syrup of cherry, vanilla or chocolate injected into your soda.   All this with retro Coca-Cola posters around with 1940's and 1950's pop music playing.   This Ruby's restaurant was on the Oceanside Pear where I took my grandparents to a dinner and a cherry soda that had the sunset over the ocean as a backdrop.   This was the last time I saw my grandmother alive.

Even a young In the ice cream parlors of Main Street in Disneyland the smell of the sweets can be over whelming and as a kid I can remember going into the ice cream shops and watching the soda jerks pull that liver that injected the cola syrup into the carbonated water to create a root beer topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and being presented with a smile.   Disney be damned if that is not magic at its best.  

Indiana Jones was a soda jerk in 1916.   A junior in high school in Princeton, India worked in Harpers Ice Cream Parlor.

Young India Jones as a Soda Jerk
In the retirement center, I did every form of a sundae, shake and a root beer float with that image of my family enjoying their own and mine with them.


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