The Anniversary (Anniversary Card)

Anniversaries are even more special if one actually remembers them.

Front of Card

Happy Anniversary


Inside of card

         On the one hundredth anniversary of an attack on Earth by aliens for Superman and Wonder Woman, they look on from their Watch Tower that orbits the earth.   It has been one hundred attacks on Earth that the two super heroes will have to come flying to the rescue.   One hundred times that the two will have to partner up and fight side by side.

            They come from different planets and are very opposite in many ways; however in the end, they are two halved to a whole.   Her Ying is equal to his Yang.   They complete each other and have fallen in and out love over the years.   They have enjoyed growing old with each other and watching each other's body fall apart.   He can no longer jump a building in a single bound do to age and ever since she asked why he does not simply walk around the building, he never has since felt the need to jump it anymore.   Wonder Woman gave up her invisible jet for something more eco-friendly, do to Superman being named most earth friendly super hero since Captain Planet.

            In the end, there is nothing they would not do for each other or any living being in need through out the universe.   It is just today, after what she said about his mother and the fact that he forgot their one hundredth anniversary.. all life may be lost do to neither one wanting to apologize.

Happy Anniversary

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