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"Bubble Gum Boys"
Acrylic on Canvas





The painting was sold to a patron of the arts in Houston Texas.

In 2003, there was a great fire that ripped through Southern California. The fires came very close to my then home of thirteen years and the almost done with escrow condo twenty miles away. The fire brought to mind of all the art that I have never photographed and would probably loose. A comforting thought was that many of my painting and art are in Houston, Texas. The fires came and went and my art was saved. The irony was that in Texas, one out of many large homes in a planned community, an electric screwdriver caught fire in the garage in the five-bedroom two-story home of the art patron. None of my paintings in my California home were destroyed in a fire that covered the vast Southern California. But many of my art

The original photo of the brother is a humorous and frivolous moment of a teen-fluff an bubble gum moment that has been commented on many occasions. I originally did this as a short project in a acrylic painting class.



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